Tomorrow, you won’t find me at my desk

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011, 23:44 Uhr von Felix

It feels good to know that tomorrow, when I wake up, I can diverge from the daily routine of the last few months. I won’t be sitting at the desk in my room, a cup of coffee and a text editor being my only company. I won’t ask myself the question whether the last three sentences are good enough. And most certainly, I won’t worry which chapters still require some refinement. Why is that?, you ask.

Well, I handed in my master’s thesis today. Consequently, this new year’s eve does not only represent the end of 2011, but also the end of my studies of Information Systems at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. I still have to defend my thesis in a colloquium on January 18th and could fail in theory, yet it feels as if everything were already over.

The chapter Life and Studies in Bamberg closes. A few more pages, a few more paragraphs and there will be a new heading. What will it be?

I am excited to find out.

cowsay moo

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011, 14:00 Uhr von Felix

Today, I came across cowsay, another weird Linux command. So what does it do? Well, what do you think? Yep, it prints an ASCII cow:

The cowsay manpage documents some nifty options that allow to customize the eyes, the tongue or, lo and behold!, the whole cow. What an over-engineered easteregg.

Now back to the other tab.