Alright, what’s crackin?

von Felix

Here are some impressions of yesterday’s party with the Erasmus students in Metro and a club in Grafton Street, Dublin. For obvious reasons I cannot remember the name.

Hugs to the nice lads from the Student Union. Thanks a million!
If you would like to have one of the photos in high resolution and (3264×2448), just send an email to my firstname

5 Kommentare zu „Alright, what’s crackin?“

  1. Marian schrieb am 20. September 2008 um 00:59:

    I suppose there must be some asian ancestors in your bloodline… 😉

  2. Felix schrieb am 20. September 2008 um 10:17:


  3. mathias max heinrich schrieb am 20. September 2008 um 23:53:

    The rumor,le rum.

  4. Archiv » The Corner schrieb am 22. September 2008 um 18:47:

    […] AuswĂŒchse des universitĂ€ren Alltags « Alright, what’s crackin? […]

  5. Felix schrieb am 23. Februar 2009 um 19:29:

    I think the club was Break for the Border.