Mittwoch, 03. November 2010, 23:08 Uhr von Felix

Kaum war ich heute morgen aus der Haustür getreten um zur Uni zu laufen, da wurde ich von einem Ortsunkundigen mit einem schelmischen Lächeln nach dem Weg gefragt:

Wie komme ich denn von hier am schnellsten in die Hölle?

Soetwas passiert einem wohl nur in Bamberg: die Hölle ist eine kleine Gasse hinter der Oberen Pfarre.

What’s wrong with the canteen?

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010, 16:52 Uhr von Felix

Today, we ate steaks in the canteen. Monkey gland steaks. And that wasn’t just the name of the dish: there was actually a steak on my plate. And it was tasty. Woohoo!
Whom do I have to bribe in order to have that every week?

Yesterday’s Work

Freitag, 25. September 2009, 12:14 Uhr von Felix

When you are confronted with some piece of work of yours that has aged a bit already, something like Gosh! Was I so stupid back then? might go through your mind. It can be embarassing and you might try to push these thoughts away.

I am not sure whether that is the right reaction. Maybe you should embrace these moments and pause to reflect on them. Sure, you want your work to be perfect just as I want mine. On the other hand, if I looked at something that I did one, two, three years ago and did not spot something that I would do different, would not that mean that I have not been learning anything since that point in time?

Do not judge yesterday’s work based on today’s ability. Do not feel bad about it. Instead, admire your progress. It is not that your work became worse, it is you who became better.

Garantierte Bekömmlichkeitsreife bald am Ende?

Montag, 14. September 2009, 11:10 Uhr von Felix

Das Oberlandesgericht Rheinland-Pfalz stellte neulich fest, dass Wein nicht mit dem Begriff bekömmlich beworben werden darf (mehr hier), da dies gesundheitsbezogen ist und gegen die Health Claims Verordnung verstößt.

Ich frage mich nun, ob das auch das Ende für die Garantierte Bekömmlichkeitsreife der Bamberger Brauerei Fässla bedeutet. Schade wär’s ja schon.


Small Talk

Sonntag, 13. September 2009, 11:04 Uhr von Felix

An old friend of mine is going to move to Bamberg to study. In order to enroll, he accompanied me on my last trip and went to a barbecue with me where he engaged in small talk.

Someone asked him: How long are you going to stay here in Bamberg?
Dunno, probably about three years. he replied.

Best possible answer ever.