Bamberg’s old town hall

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015, 13:38 Uhr von Felix

Bamberg's old town hall

Last weekend, I went to Bamberg and finally got around to taking a photo of the old town hall („Altes Rathaus“), but with a certain twist I had in mind for quite some time.

Colonia Agrippina

Donnerstag, 05. April 2012, 18:27 Uhr von Felix

I left Bamberg last weekend.

There is so much that could be said about this beautiful town, my alma mater and all the friends that I will dearly miss. For now, I would like to keep it brief: Adela!
And with Daniel in mind: Servus! Tschüss! Ade!

In case you are looking for me, you can find me in Cologne (German: Köln).

Flatmates & Mitbewohner

Montag, 27. Februar 2012, 15:01 Uhr von Felix

I just realized that during the last five years, I shared flats with almost twenty different people. That’s quite a number! Here they are in chronological order:

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LSPI Blogs

Montag, 04. April 2011, 10:44 Uhr von Felix

Today, I would like to point to two blogs that could be interesting for nerds and academics alike. Simon and Jörg, two of my fellow students of Information Systems, joined the university’s Chair of Practical Computer Science as research assistants. While writing their diploma theses, both of them started blogging.

Simon Harrer’s blog covers productivity and software development.
Jörg Lenhard has some LaTeX tips and academia insights for you.

Der Mike?

Samstag, 20. November 2010, 00:07 Uhr von Felix

Am Wochenende schon was vor? Falls nein, wie wäre es denn hiermit:

Die „Traktor-Freunde John Deere“ laden ein zum Weihnachtsmarkt mit Live-Musik der Blaskapelle Gereuth (ab 18 Uhr) und dem Geracher Mike

Glaubt ihr nicht? Habe ich von einem Flyer zum Weihnachtsmarkt Gerach (20.11.2010) abgeschrieben:
Weihnachtsmarkt Gerach Flyer

Die einzig offen bleibende Frage: Wer ist der Geracher Mike? Wer opfert seinen Samstagabend für die Wissenschaft? Freiwillige vor!