Flatmates & Mitbewohner

von Felix

I just realized that during the last five years, I shared flats with almost twenty different people. That’s quite a number! Here they are in chronological order:

In Bamberg (2006-2008, 2009-2012):

  1. Sandra (D/PT)
  2. Coreen (D, briefly)
  3. Christa (D)
  4. Heleen (NL)
  5. Caro (D)
  6. Steff (D)
  7. Jakob (D)
  8. Klöte (D, does not really count, just a few weeks of couch surfing)
  9. Hans (D)

In Dublin (2008-2009):

  1. Chris (D)
  2. Eddie (IRL)
  3. Peter (IRL)
  4. Marinke (NL, briefly)
  5. Simone (IT)
  6. Boris (D)
  7. Ismael (ES)
  8. Donna (IRL)
  9. Ennis (IRL, rather unofficial living conditions)

Why are you telling this, Felix? you ask. Well, in case I should ever become famous enough to be the subject of future Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? opening questions, you better learn names as well as order of appearance ;). Read: for my personal amusement and as a reminder to a future me.