Studying at ITT Dublin

von Felix

Finally, I have all my learning agreements. Althought some still lack a signature, I’d like to take this as a reason to tell you about my courses:

Economics 1 – Microeconomics
The other students were a bit surprised to see me in a first year management course, but I haven’t attended economics in Bamberg, yet. Until now we just covered different kinds of economies, demand, supply, equilibrium price etc. Nothing new so far, but if I take „Economics 2 – Macroeconomics“ next semester, which is what I plan to do, I’ll be able to substitute „Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre“.
Monday, we had an exam, which consisted of basic calculation, plotting a diagram with two straight lines and answering some multiple choice questions. I managed to complete it in a few minutes, but the fact that I have to do ten ECTS points in order to get six spoils my joy a bit. (Pflichtbereich BWL/VWL/Recht)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
This is a subject that aroused my interest during the last couple of months and I’m happy that the ITT offers a course that covers it in depth. Nowadays, businesses should take responsibility for the impact of their activities. In addition to the final exam, there’s a group project. Manon, Lena and I will analyse the CSR activities and reports of five major Irish companies.
I attend this course instead of a lecture about ethics in general at my home university. (Kontextstudium)

Management and Organisational Behaviour 1 (MOB1)
I regard this course as a preparation for „Management and Organisational Behaviour 2“, which I’m planning to do next semester in order to substitute „Grundlagen Personal+Organisation 1“. Immanuel and I write the class project on our own, because the two Irish girls that were in our group did never show up.
By the way: the course itself is ok, but the year two management students in this course are horrible: loud, disrespectful, childish, ignorant and, even worse, they think that it they’re funny. This is really annoying and the reason why I don’t like to go there. (Profilbildungsstudium)

Human Resource Management 1 – Employee Resourcing (HRM1)
HRM1 is brilliant. Most of the time, I enjoy to attend the lectures. The lecturerer, a psychologist, is competent and quite funny at the same time and his way of giving the lecture is compelling. The other way around, he is very demanding, especially when it comes to being informed about the economy, and asks a lot of questions. He really tries to integrate Immanuel and me (the only Erasmus students), our knowledge about Germany and our different point of view on Ireland. It is not always easy to allay his thirst for knowledge and sometimes, when he slobbers about HR or the education of workers in Germany, it is a bit embarrassing to be a German exchange student in a room full of Irishmen.
Right on the first day I met Oleg and Viorica, a nice couple from Moldovia. They are already for quite some time in Ireland and just switched to the ITT from a different college. Immanuel and me joined the two of them for the group project, which is on the recruitment process of one of this times most important companies. Maybe I’ll tell you more about that later.
Unfortunately, I did not get a learning agreement for „Grundlagen Personal+Organisation 1“, but my home university accredits this course. (Profilbildungsstudium)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I+E)
Last week in I+E, I had to do a presentation on the failure of Video 2000 – I was applauded. This course, which is part of the Computing program, is the only one, where participation is part of the final grade. Morever, there’s an exam and a small project, which we can do in groups if we want to. I think I’ll do this on my own, because I’ve got already three group projects.
These ECTS points can be applied to my home university studies (Profilbildungsstudium)

Software Development 5 (SDEV5)
I did not particularly search for this course, SDEV5 found me. There, we learn C++, which I planned to do in my spare time anyway. Although the Computing students already did two years of Java, this module starts at the very beginning. Sometimes it is quite boring for me.
Nevertheless, I think it is advantageous to deal with the particularities of the C++ programming language and I’ll definitely learn something here. My home university will accredit this course. (Profilbildungsstudium)

As you can see and probably did not expect: I do a lot of management.
For some reason most of the lectures are delivered in three hours spread over the whole week. That’s not very efficient, but the way it is.