First CA in SDEV

von Felix

Yesterday, we had a closed-book CA in the Software Development class. The task was to implement some basic I/O and functions that did some basic calculation with arrays of doubles. Three of the functions were very similar and after half an hour I was basically done – 90 minutes before we had to hand in our source code.

The other seemed to be still working. I read the instructions and specifications on the sheet again. And again. No, everything done. I did not dare to leave that early – a dilemma. Some minutes, which I spent with code clean-up, slight refactoring, documentation, later, I still seemed to be the only one, who was finished. Okay, let’s test, monkey-test. Still about 45 minutes to kill. Hm, boring. I uploaded my work on moodle and left.

Later, I found out that Stefan and Lukas/Klaus had a similar problem. Each of them was finished and did not want to be the only one, who leaves reeeally early, as well. Wasted time. Next time we’ll probably agree on some secret code noise: