Care package

von Felix

This morning, An Post delivered a Care package from Alfeld, my home town. It contained another pair my beloved Nike Air Force One sneakers, my pair of running shoes, the Zen MP3 player, which arrived in Alfeld a few hours after my departure and a rather strange selection of sportswear (my shortest pair of running shorts? I’m in Ireland!).

A big thank you to my father!

3 Kommentare zu „Care package“

  1. Felix schrieb am 24. Oktober 2008 um 00:43:

    It’s much more fun to box in proper shoes! Rope skipping was so much easier today.

  2. MathiasMaxHeinrich schrieb am 24. Oktober 2008 um 23:56:

    Thanks for the thanks.Sportswear is strange! So the choice was not easy.My decision was clear: strong preference of indoor activities:I never met a punching ball outside of a gym.
    Only shorts could shorten the weight of the parcel.I nearly swear:Running clothing was not demanded.

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