von Felix

On Saturday morning at nine a.m., we met in front of the ITT Dublin in order to board the chartered bus that would bring us to the North.
The atmosphere on the bus was frolic and reminded me of long passed school trips. Especially sharing the back row with Tom and Chris, which made us known as „The Backseat Boys“ throughout the society, added to this impression.

The bus, which carried 45 members of the InCuSo, headed for rainy Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, where we spent the afternoon and our first night. It was not as cool as I expected it to be, but I think this was largely due to the bad weather, which encouraged us to spend the afternoon inside of a pub instead of the streets. At least we found a nice bar: „The Advocate“.

We stayed at the Linen House, which is centrally located, but run-down and very dirty. There’s only one bathroom per story and each story accomodates about thirty guests. I shared a bedroom with seven girls from our group, who were constantly giggling and bubbling in French – whether I was in the room or not. Unfortunately, it is often the case that (especially) the French and the Spanish students do not care if there is someone present, who does not speak their language, but might want to join the conversation.
At least I was not disturbed in the middle of the night by drunk chicks, who entered the wrong room (poor Chris).