von Felix

After the presentations I met Manon and Lena, because we wanted to finish our CA in Corporate Social Responsibility. While the girls added content to the conclusion and recommendations, I built the document in LaTeX, which was not too easy, because Manon used a rather complex multi-row and multi-column table. I stayed up until about four o’clock and got up pretty early in order to correct some mistakes, reword some awkward sounding lines and polish the layout. I think it was worth it. The result looks great!

On Friday at half past eleven we went to the reprographics centre to print our 33 (!) pages project on the CSR approaches of five major companies in the Irish economy and get a binding. The monotonous sound of the printer was so nice; like music in our ears!

After handing in our project, we all went to Starbuck’s in Tallaght to get a big mug of cappucino and a sweet, tasty muffin. We deserved it! Now, I’m done with all my CAs for this semester. Finally, I’m free. Whopee!

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