von Felix

Isma, our Spanish friend and house mate, has received a new, unique name. I baptized him in the name of the pasta, the noodle and the holy sauce: Isma-Isma-Macaroni-Man.
Thou shall spread the word!

3 Kommentare zu „Baptism“

  1. Isa schrieb am 15. Februar 2009 um 14:31:

    Isma Isma Macarronime man is famous for his name!!!

    Come on Isma, you must write us something here, please!!!

  2. Isma isma Macarroni Man schrieb am 15. Februar 2009 um 14:35:

    Its an honour to have that name. Thanks, Im gonna ask my parents for a change in my ID, I hope its not taken.

  3. Isa schrieb am 15. Februar 2009 um 14:44:


    Ese Isma ahi ahi!!! Un URRA por ti!!!

    You don’t need to change your ID, for us you will always be Isma Isma Macarroni Man!!!

    With love 😀
    Your faithful fans