College Week No. 3

von Felix

Do you lack self-esteem? Want to feel really popular? Just bring a bag of nachos to a party. Thanks to Fernando, I was known as „Nacho Guy“ at Audrey’s birthday party on Saturday. We went to his new flat afterwards. Sadly, I promised not to write about the guy who danced with an ironing board. If someone asks, you did not hear this from me.

Last Monday Katharina arrived. She’s a friend of Frau Schmidt from Dresden. As she arrived two weeks after everyone else due to exams, I told her a bit about how the ITT works and helped her to find the right people to talk to. In the evening we went into town, where I introduced her to Isa and Chris. We just love Grand Canal Square after nightfall, so we went there together with Katharina. Well, she seemed to like it, too. Although there’s not really much to see and you won’t find it in a tourist guide, I think it’s really worth going there, because of the atmosphere. Difficult to describe, you better see for yourself.

Wednesday is salad day. Again we met at Carmen’s place. Chris and I prepared a superb salad: iceberg lettuce, cashew nuts, chicken breast fillet, feta cheese, cocktail tomatoes… anything your heart desires. I really could get used to having one proper meal per week. Even in the evening, when we went to the Captain Americas with the InCuSo and everyone ate as if he hadn’t seen any food for a whole week, I was still saturated. Yummi.

On Thursday we got all our exam results from the winter semester. Although my exam results were very much okay, I was a bit disappointed about some of them. In particular HRM, where I really wanted to get an A after all the effort I had put in the project. I asked my lecturer if he could give me some feedback on my exam to find out what went wrong.

Less than 24 hours later I met him in person. That’s really great service! He was extremely punctual („I don’t want to let a German wait.“), well-prepared and explained to me what he expected from his students (a lot) and made clear that most of my answers were rather good, but lacked details. I know exactly that I would have performed better in this respect if there was not the lack of preparation time due to the extraordinary circumstances. At least my English met his high standards. Still, I’m not too happy about the results. I really hope this semester’s exam timetable will be better.

Nevertheless, the weekend was great. Thibaut invited everyone to have a party in his house on Friday and I went to the Lemon with some friends on Saturday. Afterwards we said hello at Natalia and Manu’s birthday party in Tramway Court. Here’s a bunch of last week’s photos: