Marian in Dublin

von Felix

Thursday afternoon, my friend Marian arrived. This morning he left again. In less than 48 hours we walked several miles in the streets of Dublin, watched the beginning of a rugby match in Trinity College, visited the Guinness Storehouse, browsed the shelves of the record stores, went to the Savoy in order to watch „The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“, drank a pint in half a dozen pubs in city centre and dined like kings in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

It was a very short, but intense visit. We had a very good time. Lots of action! Now, I’ve to catch up on some sleep. Good night.

1 Kommentar zu „Marian in Dublin“

  1. Marian schrieb am 28. Februar 2009 um 21:39:

    Whoohooo! Awesome weekend, thanks to your hospitality and extraordinary skills as tourist guide! I really didn’t expect to be able to see so many different places in Dublin in such a short time. Best thing is: It was totally worth it! (Although my feet still ache a little bit…)

    btw. Nice frame selection… you know why!