Pegnitz Invasion

von Felix

Chris had guests this weekend: Stefan, who studies with us in Bamberg, came over and brought his friend Kiwi along. They arrived Thursday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. The fun began right on the first evening when we decided to say hello to some pubs in Temple Bar.

We enjoyed really good live music in The Quays Bar, The Mezz(!!) and Farrington’s and had a really good time. Afterwards, on our way back home we had several remarkable encounters: after a lot of to and fro, Chris said „Bon Anniversaire“ (French „Happy Birthday“) to a woman in the Luas. She turned out to be Irish, not French, and was perfectly able to speak and understand German – she must have heard everything before, too! I instantly killed the conversation with some stupid busdriver quote.

In Kingswood we met a garda on a bicycle who caught my friends in the act of increasing the mineral content of the soil. At least that seemed to be what he thought as he said „Keep it in the pants“ to one of them. The last few metres on our way we speculated that he might just come back and reveal his real identity: Erasmus policeman from Bavaria, who understood every single one of our words.

Lesson learned: you never know who speaks German!

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