Anthony’s Party

von Felix

Anthony invited everyone to party in his flat in Talbot Street (Elodie lived there before) on Saturday. Everyone was supposed to wear something green, because of Paddy’s Day. I just have one green piece of clothing: a cap. Carmen just had a scarf. In order to increase the proportion of green, we decided to buy two green cans of pringles: one with good ol‘ sour cream, the other one lime-chilli flavour. Well, actually we bought them, because we were hungry and they were dirt-cheap… anyhow, other guests made a bigger effort.

The atmosphere was a bit strange (as so often people just talked in French) and I did not feel well due to a really sore throat. Hence, Berta, Isa, Carmen and I left quite early.

Instead of going home directly, we decided to go to the Fibber Magees, where Chris and Isma were supposed to arrive soon. We had a nice chat about some weird topics until we became witnesses of a situation that could have come straight from a movie scene: there was some argue between a man and a woman in the middle of the room. Apparently, the man had said something offending or had touched her. In turn, the woman decided to get rough. She took her pint glass and smashed it on the lad’s forehead. Bam! Thousands bits and pieces of broken glass flew through the room and the guy’s face was all covered in blood. It felt almost surreal. Of course, he wanted to take revenge, but people quickly separated them.

Phew! We looked at each other and were just shocked. Usually, it’s really nice and peaceful there.