git push: invalid number of threads

von Felix

Today, I tinkered a bit with git and came across a strange error when I tried to push my commits to a remote repository.

git push origin master
# fatal: invalid number of threads specified (0)
# ...


This has to do with git packing objects before transferring them. Being the optimized piece of software that it is, git can spawn several threads for this in order to reduce packing time on machines with more than one CPU. Obviously, the configuration variable, pack.threads, was set to 0. According to the man page, this should lead to an automatic decision. For some reason this did not happen on my machine (Ubuntu Hardy). So I just configured it manually in ~/.gitconfig.

Tada, problem solved. I hope this posts will help some poor soul out there. (Hi!)

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  1. Felix schrieb am 23. April 2009 um 23:20:

    If this all sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry.