Happy Bertsday

von Felix

Yesterday, there was a belated birthday party. Isa and Isa, Carmen and Julia, a friend of her from Valencia, Oscar and I went to in Berta’s flat in order to celebrate her birthday. Having a bit of pity with the only German in a room full of Spaniards, Oscar told me „Felix, you have to learn Spanish. You have one night!“
Anyway, it was great fun. Later on we went to The Mezz where we met Klaus, Stefan and Jeremy and danced to great rock songs (‚Killing in the Name‘ and the like) until they closed.

5 Kommentare zu „Happy Bertsday“

  1. BeRTuCky!!!!! schrieb am 5. Mai 2009 um 01:24:

    Thanks TRONCO!!!!!!
    Ready for Bob Dylan??? 🙂

  2. Felix schrieb am 6. Mai 2009 um 16:36:

    For sure!

  3. Isa schrieb am 9. Mai 2009 um 17:31:

    Nice photos 🙂

    and nice skull in my fridge too (Feliiix!!!! Jejejejjejejeje)

    Enjoy Germany and spent your time with your lovely sister.


  4. MHM schrieb am 12. Mai 2009 um 19:32:

    It’s a blog, nice read in english. Thank’s felix. if you continue with spaniards you’ll speak spanish in 3 months!

  5. Felix schrieb am 15. Mai 2009 um 20:21:

    Isa, I hope you did not freak out ;).
    Marina, thank you very much. I’m glad that you like it.