von Felix

Phew, I have not posted photos in quite a while. So here’s a few shots I took in the summer of 2009 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s most northern state.

The first nine were taken in Friedrichstadt, a lovely little Dutch town with canals. I always enjoy going there (and they have a great ice cream parlor).

The following five shots were taken in Husum, the grey town by the sea (Theodor Storm). I love to stroll around the harbour. Although Husum is a rather small town, it’s of importance for the region due to its role as the capital of the district Nordfriesland. Nowadays, it is actually not very grey.

The last three photos were taken on Nordstrand, a green peninsula near Husum. Nordstrand is an invitation to relax and forget all worries for a little while.

Oh, how am I longing to go back!