Farewell fhchaos

von Felix

In December 2007, fhchaos went live. The f stands for my name, the h for my friend Hans and the chaos for everything that happened: I am talking about a small virtual Debian GNU/Linux server.

For five years it ran and stored everything we threw at it: my personal homepage, websites of family and friends, an SSH proxy, various university projects, subversion and git repositories, experiments in Ruby and Python and, last but not least, the very site you are currently reading.

In the meanwhile, a lot has changed. For starters, I wrapped up my studies in Bamberg, moved to Cologne and started a new job (phew!). Moreover, both my hard- and software requirements have changed quite substantially over the years.
I need more memory. I need to be able to configure and install things at will. I do not want to check with someone else if my changes break any of the stuff I do not maintain.

Therefore, it is time to move on. Today, fhchaos will be switched off. So long, little buddy! Thanks for everything — especially the uptime.

1 Kommentar zu „Farewell fhchaos“

  1. Thomas schrieb am 7. Dezember 2012 um 20:56:

    Bye Bye “fhchaos” 🙂
    What are you using now?