Samstag, 08. November 2008, 13:18 Uhr von Felix

On Wednesday Heleen and I took the DART to Dalkey, a small, noble coastal village South of Dun Laoghaire. It tooks ages to get there (Tallaght-Dublin-Dalkey), but it was worth it.
We took a walk along Coliemore Road, sneaked peaks through the gates of mansions and visited Goats Castle and St. Begnets, where an actress gave us a tour while playing the role of a medieval maid. I declined her offer to pull some teeth or amputate an arm in order to get rid of the rattle in my head politely – my health insurance would not pay these exotic treatments.

Here are some photos: Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »

Dun Laoghaire

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008, 13:46 Uhr von Felix

Yesterday, Natalie, Tom, Chris and I took the bus 75 from Tramway Court to Dun Laoughaire. It took ages, but I think it was worth it: the port is beautiful, includes a yacht club (Tom: „St. Tropez in Ireland“) and you have an awesome view on Dublin bay:

Downside: the town itself is rather boring.

Day Trippin‘

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008, 18:06 Uhr von Felix

The next weeks should be fun: I just signed up for the trip to the North that is organised by the International Cultural Society (InCuSo). We’ll leave Tallaght on the 25th and plan to see Belfast, Bushmill’s Distillery, Giant’s Causeway, Derry and Lough Erne in the following two days.

This coming Saturday, I’ll meet Chris, Tom, his girlfriend Natalie, who’s here for some days and Lukas/Klaus. We’re going to take the bus to Dun Laoghaire (pronounced a bit like „Dun Learie“), which is at the Southern end of Dublin bay, and plan to spend another nice day next to the sea. Maybe we’ll go to Bray, which was praised by my house mate Peter this morning, too.
I hope that the pain in my left knee is gone by then…