Sonntag, 01. Februar 2009, 16:07 Uhr von Felix

Monday, I had to get up very early. My alarm clock woke me up at three o’clock. I wiped the sleep out of my tired eyes, took a shower, made tea, had a small breakfast and took the first Flybus to Dublin Airport. At quarter to four I was already on my way to work.

No, I did not accept a baggage handling job at RyanAir. I was invited to come to Germany for a week in order to work on a web project. My employer had booked Monday’s first AerLingus flight to Düsseldorf. During check-in I realized that I had to pay extra for my luggage as the low-cost ticket only allowed hand luggage. Well, under normal circumstances you would not need a large travelling suitcase for just a week, but I do not have another one over here.
After the check-in I was bored; all shops were closed. So I dozed a bit before I opened my laptop and started banging out code for a small side project. At half past six the plane took off. The flight was very comfortable compared to my flights with RyanAir and British Midlands. I fell asleep after some minutes after take-off and woke up during the approach for landing. AerLingus has probably the best price/performance ratio if you want to travel to or from Ireland.

After I had passed the passport inspection and picked up my suitcase at the baggage claim a man came to me and said „Good morning. German Customs, would you please follow me.“ Diesen Beitrag weiterlesen »