5PRIME.com Relaunch

Dienstag, 15. September 2009, 22:06 Uhr von Felix

Some of you might have noticed – either I told you or you guessed it from my post frequency – that I have been working quite a bit during the last weeks. Today, the fruits of this work finally went online: we relaunched 5PRIME.com, my employer’s corporate website. Apart from the new design and improved usability, we have added, e.g., a new product line, some pages about application areas and an extended literature search.

Kudos to Marian, who created a little surprise that you might want to check out, and his buddy Kristian, for a nudge into the right direction when the two of us did not see the wood for the trees.

Just navigate to the homepage (you have to select your country first) and enjoy the video!

Was andere so studieren

Samstag, 19. Januar 2008, 18:00 Uhr von Felix

Mein Freund Marian Sander, der an der Fachhochschule Hannover Kommunikationsdesign studiert, nimmt dieses Jahr zusammen mit seinem Kommilitonen Manuel Ritter mit dem folgendem Trailer am e Clips Filmfestival teil:

Weitere Impressionen seines Schaffens findet ihr auf seiner Homepage, die in Kürze online sein wird. Auf Stage 6 gibt es das Ganze auch noch in HD.