Greyhound Race

Samstag, 14. März 2009, 00:52 Uhr von Felix

Saturday the boys asked me to go to Shelbourne Park, a greyhound race stadium, with them in order to become millionaires. Sure! So I met them in the city centre and we went there together. It was a really good idea: for a fiver you can watch (and bet on) eleven live races. None of us had any clue whatsoever and we just decided based on the odds and the dogs‘ recent average times. We always betted between two and four Euro on either place or win and shared the risk. Sometimes we really identified the underdog winner, often „our“ dog failed miserably. However, Kiwi turned out to have just the right touch.

Afterwards we met the girls in Fibber Magees in order to celebrate our millions moderate losses of approximately four Euro and sixty cents per capita. Great fun and definitely worth it.