Wrecked Car

von Felix

Saturday morning we found a car right in front of our house. No idea what happened the night before, though.

It is still there. Peter said that it will take at least a week until it’s towed away.

4 Kommentare zu „Wrecked Car“

  1. Marian schrieb am 22. September 2008 um 20:33:

    Is this some kind of regular thing in your street?!
    „Oh yeah, don’t worry. This happens one or two times a month. Takes at least a week until it’s towed away.“
    In this case I’d maaaaybe think about moving back into the hostel… 😉

  2. Felix schrieb am 23. September 2008 um 20:37:

    I hope it’s not. As you can see on the other photos, Kingswood Heights it is a rather nice area. And the name is way cooler than „Hackelmest“ or „Hannover“. 😛

  3. Marian schrieb am 27. September 2008 um 20:35:

    True… and not to mention „Bamberg“! 😉

  4. Felix schrieb am 28. September 2008 um 12:42: