Ramblin‘ through Dublin

von Felix

The sun(!) was shining all the weekend and so I went to the city centre in order to meet Chris, Radka and Lenka. While I was waiting for the girls, I ran into Tom and the lads from Kapfenberg, who were also waiting for some young ladies that got held up en route (a shoe shop). Dublin is a village!
When the two Czech girls had finally arrived („Du bist sehr punktlich“), we went to Isaacs Hostel to pick up Chris. Together with him, we rambled through Dublin and enjoyed walking through the docklands. We drank some coffee, chilled in St. Stephen’s Green and strolled up Grafton Street and in between we were joined by Christian and Simone. To cut a long story short: a lazy day with nice people.
In the evening, I went with Chris to the hostel in order to cook some frankfurters and listen to songs from The BossHoss (from Berlin, Mississippi!). Three American girls, who were sitting next to us in the lobby, told us something unbelievable: they live in Prague. And they don’t like it!

The night before Christian and I visited the ArtBot exhibition that was part of the Dublin Culture Night togehter with Simone, Lena and the other two guys from Germany. Afterwards we drank a pint of stout in „The Oval“, a cosy pub in the heart of Dublin. Instead of playing recorded music, a mic was circulating among the regular guests, who sang Irish folk songs. Although not all of them could be considered to be singers, it was a really nice experience. I can not imagine a scene like this set in a good ol‘ German Kneipe.

On Sunday all hell broke loose: Tyrone played against Kerry in the final of the GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship. I don’t know whether there were any fights, but my trip to Heuston station, were I met Chris, was pretty horrible: the Luas was overcrowded, because people dressed either in green or in red were on their way to see the match.
The two of us walked to Phoenix Park and enjoyed the sun, watched teenage girls playing the female equivalent of the other Gaelic sport (hurling) and talked about almost everything one can think of. After some time we became bored and decided to go to the city centre, daundered for hours, went into HMVs to browse the movies and ended up sitting on a bench next to the Liffey where we had a gourmet meal: we shared a baguette and a box of Philadelphia cheese.
Ok, it sound’s just like a snack, but the price deserved five stars. A star for each Euro spent… Dublin is a pricey place.
That’s why we saved money by buying the coke at McDonald’s when I went together with Tom, Lukas and Stefan to the cinema later in the evening to watch Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Tom Cruise (hilarious!) in „Tropic Thunder“. It seemed to be allowed. At least nobody hindered us. That was my weekend. Here are some photos:

As you can see: I’m fine and having a good time.

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