One Day, Three (and a Half) CAs

von Felix

Today, we had to hand in our project in Human Resource Management, which had consumed the whole last week. I had to get up early, because I still had to go to reprographics centre in order to print it. This wasn’t too easy, because I spent all Sunday reading the MOB book to be prepared for today’s multiple choice test and stayed up late. And then there was another test in Economics.

It all went well: we were able to hand-in our HRM paper on time. Although I had only done two or three example exercises on Saturday, Economics wasn’t hard for me. Very logical stuff, I guess I’ll get about ninety percent. The MOB test was okay, too. Fifteen multiple choice questions and sixty minutes time. After about fifteen minutes I handed in my solutions and went with Immanuel to the Square where we rewarded ourselves for all the hard work with a nice Subway sandwich. Yummi! And it wasn’t even expensive, because I had some vouchers: two six inch subs and a medium Sprite for about 6,70 is a good price. Moreover, it’s tastier (and probably even healthier) than everything you can get in the ITT.
Talking about nutrition in the college: I should probably cut down my Starbuck’s cappucino consumption („A coffee a day keeps the detox away“). I currently spend way too much money in the mezz café.

So that’s three CAs, what about the half one? Tonight, I am going to meet Georg. I promised him to help him with his C++ project for his studies in Engineering. Maybe I should deny my original field of studies and tell everybody that I study Management in future… No, just kidding!