Take heart

von Felix

After I had recovered from my defeat – Tom (bad) and Chris (shite) kicked my (horrible) ass in a game of pool on Friday night – I met them as well as Klaus and Stefan at Tom’s place in order to cook, have a beer or two and watch some movies.
The following four photos might not be suitable for vegetarians:

These are high resolution photos. In case you want to print the second one for your new kitchen wallpaper…

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  1. Diskurswelt.de Archiv » Time is Flying schrieb am 30. November 2008 um 23:10:

    […] Anna and Georg came to our house. On Friday, Chris and I played some games of pool (even worse than the last time) and met Dr. Strangelove, Ismael and the Spanish girls at Tramway Court. In their apartment, we had […]