I’m still breathing

von Felix

Due to the written assignments in HRM, MOB and CSR, I did not find the time to blog – you probably already noticed that. Unfortunately, this won’t change anytime soon. Therefore I’ll just summarise the last days briefly:

Last Monday, we celebrated Chris‘ birthday at his place. Just Chris, his mom, who came over for some days, Tom, Heleen, Darren, Alejandro, Dr. Strangelove and that mysterious guy called Felix. We bought a DVD box with three of the Ratpack movies for our birthday boy. Chris, a Frank Sinatra fan, liked it.

Then, on Friday, there was a spontaneous, small party at Franck’s house with some of the Erasmus people, friends from Annecy and some of his classmates. Later that evening the others went to a night club. Tom, Chris and I went to Tramway Court instead. There we watched „Herr Lehmann“, one of my favourite German movies.

Last weekend, some Italian friends of Simone sleeped here. Bad: they ate all of our muesli (or Mussolini, as Dr. Strangelove likes to call it). Good: Simone prepared a delicious duck on Sunday, which he „decomposed“ in a brutal manner. Nevertheless, it was yummy.

Tuesday I came back from the boxing and was really exhausted. I was just looking forward to an evening without any work (maybe a movie instead) and going to bed early – the nights before, I had worked on my continuous assessments. Simone and Chris had other plans. They prepared food for a spontaneous party with Georg, Daniel, Ismael and the Spanish girls – I could not decline their invitation, neither did Peter, our Irish housemate. It was a nice evening and I found out that Ismael is a Bruce Springsteen fan: +10 coolness.
When Daniel heard that my former room was free at the moment, he could not wait to see it.

Wednesday he met Miriam, our landlady, and Thursday he moved in. Welcome aboard, mate! Daniel studies Communication Studies. Guess where? In Bamberg! Strange coincidence. So far we had a good time together and I believe that he is a real good fit.