Another day in Howth

von Felix

Thursday Heleen and I went to Howth. Unfortunately, it didn’t really start that well.
In the morning, we took the LUAS to Conolly, Dublin’s regional train station. There, we bought the tickets and went to platform 7, where DART trains to Howth leave. And so one of them did – without us. In consequence, we had to wait for half an hour on the platform, because our tickets were already validated.

Nevertheless, the trip to Howth was great as you can see in the following photo gallery:

We took a long walk through the cliffs and went to the Abbey Tavern to get a meal and a drink afterwards. On the trip to Howth with Tom, Chris, Klaus and Stefan, I had an Irish Coffee – it was really delicious, but made me veeery tired. So this time I decided to order a Bulmers, which is a refreshing Irish cider. Both of us decided to have the housemade burger. Jesus! This time it wasn’t the whiskey: the 10oz hamburger did its best to knock me out. Almost. But: yummi, it was totally worth it.

The day after Heleen took the plane to Bremen, so our trip to Howth was kind of a finale for her visit – a happy ending.

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