Good start to a busy week

von Felix

Although the last week was as busy as expected, it turned out to offer quite a lot of fun, too.

On Monday, Immanuel and I handed in our CA in MOB. We were a bit surprised that we were the only ones. All the others said that the due date was Thursday. Nevertheless, as it was finished there was no need to keep it a day longer than necessary.

Tuesday’s CA in Innovation was pretty bad. Cash flow statements are not too hard, but adding up hundreds of decimal numbers is boring, tedious and error-prone. After two hours of hitting the buttons of my calculator like a maniac and writing down the results on a sheet of paper, my fingers and my neck hurt like hell. This is exactly the reason why people use computers and spreadsheet software nowadays. I still cannot understand the purpose of that CA.
After these wasted two hours Immanuel and I met Oleg and Viorica in front of the campus. We picked up their son from the after-school and went to their flat near St. James‘ Gate.

There, we had Lasagne and a glass of red vine before we sat down to work on our presentation for Thursday’s HRM class. Everybody added his or her slides to the pretty slick master file that I had prepared based on the ITT’s colors. Some fine-tuning and editing as well as two ad-hoc rehearsals later we were done, but our hosts did let us go before we had emptied several glasses of whiskey.

Tuesday evening was a perfect mix of business with pleasure. Oleg, Viorica, thank you very much for your hospitality. I had a great time at your place!

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