Klaus‘ Birthday

von Felix

Wednesday’s CA in Software Development was rather easy (singly-linked list) and therefore went pretty well although I lacked some hours of sleep. In the evening we celebrated Klaus‘ 21st birthday with a few pints of delicious Bulmers in Captain Americas, Tallaght (good: they had student discounts and a pint was just 3€, bad: karaoke night, which means bad singers at a way to high volume).
It was nice, but I had to leave early, because of the presentation on Thursday. Here are some photos:

By the way: that night I met Colin, a nice and friendly guy from my HRM class, and confronted him with the rumours about his (ex-)membership in an Northern Irish boyband. Although he was a bit surprised, he did not deny it. Quite the contrary: he promised me to show me some of his „cheesy, commercial“ (his own words) music someday next week. Research using Google and YouTube was so far rather… shocking!?