Bye Bye

von Felix

Last weekend was another weekend of saying goodbye. Sunday, Chris and I went into town in order to do one last time what we did in the beginning of the semester: ramblin‘ through Dublin.

We meandered through the streets, had a snack or two and went into the usual shops (HMV, Tower Records etc.). Later, after a lot of to and fro, we met Lena and a German friend of her. We repeated the whole story, but this time we blended in some culture and visited Dublin City Gallery. There we sneaked a peek Francis Bacon’s studio – a perfect mess. If you think your office is messy, think again.

In the evening I had to say goodbye to Chris and Lena. A goodbye in the LUAS; it was somehow unreal. Both of them left Ireland last week and I really hope that I will meet them again. From the very first day Chris and I had a great time. Bye, Chris! I got to know Lena during our work on our CA in CSR and have the impression that we should have spent more time doing fun stuff together. Maybe we can still do that back in Germany?! Bye, Lena!
After a nice day in town, I had to pack my bags for my next adventure.