von Felix

Friday, Natalia and Luisa invited us to go with them and some others to Thomas Read, a pub in Dame street, where a guy called Brian performed rock, pop, country and Irish folk songs for hours without a break. According to the girls, he’s there every Friday night. Although, the prices are quite dear it is a good place to be on a Friday night.

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  1. Felix schrieb am 2. Juni 2009 um 19:18:

    Luisa told me that his name is Brian Brody:

  2. Archiv » Enter summer, exit friends schrieb am 2. Juni 2009 um 19:31:

    […] we went to the Thomas Read to party one last time with Berta, Isabel and Luisa and listen to Brian again. Luisa, the president of the first unofficial international Brian Brody fan club, was very happy […]

  3. Joerg schrieb am 30. Juni 2009 um 12:41:

    Cassidy’s Bar is the best pub to watch Brian play. Not to crowded on Thursday Nights and a nice place too.