Last Exam, last Party

von Felix

Saturday, I had my last exam: Distributed & Mobile Computing. Just like Economics and Advanced Databases it went pretty well. I don’t really know what to expect in the two management subjects, but that did not matter anymore that day, because we had a barbecue at our place. Chris was the hero of the day: he had finished his exams the week before and when I returned in company of some friends to our home, we were delighted to see that he had already lighted the barbecue. Awesome!

We spent all the afternoon and evening lying in the grass, enjoyed some of the good stuff, talked about all the world and his brother and did not leave the green before the last rays of sunlight were gone. After dark, we went to the last Erasmus party in city centre. Of course, it was in Anthony’s flat and almost everyone was there. Great fun!

Unfortunately, our friend and housemate Isma could not join us – he had left already on Friday due to another exam in Spain. See you, amigo.

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  1. michi schrieb am 27. Mai 2009 um 01:50:

    Nice pictures. I still have three computer science exams 🙁 luckily not all of them important anymore. We should email each other about our plans for summer 😉 Are you gonna be in Bamberg sometimes/all the time? michi

  2. Archiv » Charleville Forest Castle schrieb am 1. Juni 2009 um 14:46:

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