15 Degrees below Zero

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009, 17:53 Uhr von Felix

You are in Bamberg. It’s minus 15 degrees. Celsius. Now add some snow.

I shot these photos yesterday at around five o’clock (except the last two). Please bear in mind that my fingers were almost freezing and I did not have a tripod, so the quality is only sub par. I hope you can enjoy looking at them anyway. Let’s dream of a white Christmas…

Snow – Photos and a Video

Samstag, 07. Februar 2009, 17:19 Uhr von Felix

Isabel Beser posted some very nice photos as well as a video of snowy Tallaght on her Spanish blog. Most of them where shot in Tramway Court.

More on Snow. And my Timetable.

Dienstag, 03. Februar 2009, 22:26 Uhr von Felix

Shepherd Michi did not have any lectures today because of snow in Swansea. Although neither roads, nor walkways or the campus are free from snow and there’s traffic chaos everywhere, it’s all business as usual at the ITT Dublin.

This morning I had to walk through piles of thawed snow and got wet feet. It took me ages to get to the college. Usually most of the drivers on Belgard Road can be described as reckless, but today everyone drove really slow and careful. Nobody has winter tires and most people just don’t know how to drive under these weather conditions. Thus, you can see spinning wheels everywhere and all the wannabes in their low-slung cars have a real hard time trying to appear cool. Schadenfreude olé.
The Irish are neither used to snowfall, nor prepared for it. According to some Irish friends, the last time that they had snow like this was about ten years ago. Many people’s eyes are sparkling with joy. Just like those of little children who see snow for the first time in there lives.

I currently spend my time checking out lectures and working on my timetable. It’s not too easy this semester as everything either clashes or is spread over the whole day. I don’t want to waste half a day with dead time in between lectures.
I’ll definitely take another lecture in Economics (this time macroeconomics) as well as another one in Management and Organisational Behaviour. Then maybe a class in Advanced Databases (lots of Oracle) and another one in Distributed and Mobile Computing. Especially the latter one sounds promising (HTTP, SSL, J2ME), but due to the fact that I did not do any Networking stuff so far in college I’ll probably have to catch up a bit on my own. Moreover, I’ll probably attend another business class. International Business sounds interesting, but it’s a fourth year business class, i.e. I could lack some of the prerequisites.
I still have to figure out a way to do all the subjects that I want to do and have to check back with my home university on some, but I’m sure that I’ll work it out.

Let it snow

Montag, 02. Februar 2009, 23:43 Uhr von Felix

I did not trust my eyes this morning: the Emerald Island is all white today. We’ve seen some snow over here during the last months, but it melted when it hit the ground and only in the surrounding hills were white.